Supervising your digital transformation

Until recently, many companies thought that they had no acute need for action with regard to their digitization or that they were sufficiently active. The corona crisis has shown what we have  observed at Digital Everything for a long time already: Many are lagging behind in important corporate areas, even if they are basically doing a lot of things right.

The current crisis has shown us like a magnifying glass how important the digital transformation is and that all industries / companies are affected! There are fields of action everywhere in which we have to digitize and the survival of many companies depends on how quickly they act now. It is important to do the right things with smart use of resources and to be accompanied by experienced people.

We have been active in the digital world since 1989 and guide you with all our experience in your challenges and create a “digitization roadmap” for you with strategic goals and operational measures and ensure that these activities are meaningful, adapted and, above all, measurable . So you can build up step-by-step know-how and secure your lead over competitors and preserve your company!

For international companies, that offer services in Germany, Austria and the german speaking Switzerland we provide localization consulting services. What does that mean?

Many corporates are controlled by international headquarters and operate throughout Europe in the same way, without distinguishing between different countries. We have experienced this in many projects, where we were working for German subsidiaries. Germany has – as every other European country – its very own culture, behavior and media-reception. So what works fine in England can be totally wrong in Germany and what is successful in Germany may totally confuse people in Switzerland, even if they have the same language.

We will customize or change or redesign your international communications and help you to adjust them to German, Austrian ans Swiss habits and culture. We have many years of living experience in those three countries and team members from those three and can help you to avoid culture shocks in your corporate and brand communications!

Brands or what we know as “corporate identity” or “corporate personality” play an important role in the digital world, because they are the senders of all messages. As there are no more language barriers, no geographical borders or protected industries and as companies of all regions and all sizes are directly listed below each other in the hit lists of search engines, it is essential that brands are well defined and provide a clear corporate identity.

Brand consulting goes far beyond design, it includes the entire enterprise and all its messages, its values and particularily its actions, products and services. In the digital world, providers and consumers are immediately in a 1 to 1 relation and brands need to be authentic, credible and sustainable in order to survive the direct interaction with their target groups.

Many conventionally defined brands burst in that interaction and even stock listed companies have such exaggerated brands, that they never can fulfill all their promises in all layers and on all touch points. Users have a very sensitive feeling if a brand “keeps its promises” and react with criticism and in some cases with shit storms on – as we call them – “brand bubbles”.

We define the personality of your company in such a way, that it can present itself in a credible and authentic way on all channels and layers and that its promises can be kept.

Reputation of companies is an important asset, which needs to be built carefully and on a long-term sight. Today, companies are discussed on many channels and there are many platforms that are not under control by companies, where ratings and opinions are published.

Online reputation management is an indispensable part of corporate communications, because on digital media and especially social media platforms very high coverage can be gained and uncontrolled publication of opinions and ratings of customers, employees or competitors can cause high reputation damage.

We analyze the online reputation of your company and monitor continuously, what is written about you in the relevant platforms. By doing so, you can improve the reputation of your company or products yourself or with our help.

Potential employees and customers analyze precisely, how your reputation is and include this in their decisions. Especially in the HR markets a good reputation is relevant for attracting high-qualified staff.

Important remark: We will not influence your reputation by illegal activities such as postings with fake profiles or pure opinion making. There are legal and sustainable ways to improve your reputation – this may also mean that you have to improve in certain aspects! This too is reputation management!

“Communications” or “promotion” in digital ages means much more, than creation and distribution of messages as in the old analog times. Today, we are confronted with a huge amount of digital channels and media, that all work according to their own rules. And, very important, there is a feedback channel in all digital media and the “formerly known as target group” users react on those social chanels and interact with your company. At this point, all old fashioned communication or promotion concepts are at their limit.

How do corporates react on feedback to their communication? How do companies react on criticism? How do you react, if your products or services are rated negatively? How authentic are you and how robust is your brand towards all that?

Old one-way corporate communications turned into interaction in the digital age, but many are still thinking in the old ways. We accompany you on your way into the new present!

Websites are important digital touch points, where customers, employees and interested people get in touch with your company. Besides recommendations from friends, newspaper articles and product ratings, brand websites are regarded as the only and few touchpoints, that people still trust. We observe an increasing number of totally overloaded websites, that obviously have no distinct targets. Such websites are generating no results and still require a lot of work in maintainance.

We support our customers to develop precise, simple and easy to read and understand websites that have clear targets such as generation of requests, increase of applications, informational requests and so on and so forth. A very important tool for this is to analyze the existing website statistics, because in many cases, 90% of all content is never read by users, contact forms are never used and websites produce no tangible results. But a website alone is not enough! Many companies do not spend any work on their relevant social media channels and other online tools in communication. We take care that you are present on all channels that fit to you and your target groups!

With outstanding and awarded design, clear information architecture and clearly specified conversion targets, we try to make websites as productive as possible and place contents in the right way. It’s not about the amount of content but just about the right content, the right messages and the right calls to action. We have more than 15 years experience in planning, designing and development of websites and will be happy to support you in reaching your online goals!