Our workshops

It is not easy to choose the right advisor. We offer concentrated workshops with high value for decision-making. You can get to know us in an uncomplicated way and at the same time get the first important inputs! By "workshop" we mean a short consulting format in which we only work for you or your company in the areas as described below. It is not a "workshop" in the sense of a standardized knowledge transfer or a seminar with many different participants, but a compact and focussed consulting format exclusively for you or your company!

Depending on the definition of the scope, the prices for the workshops defined below start at 4,500.00 EUR and depend on the number of participants from your company and the depth of the desired analysis - more details will be discussed in advance! For the preparation, implementation and follow-up we need about 2 calendar weeks, the part of work with you and your team takes about 1/2 - 1 day.

Digital roadmap workshop

Central question:
How is your company positioned for the actual crisis and the digital age?

Preliminary analysis:
Existing brand definition - Who are you?
Digital Touchpoint and Website Analysis - How good is the website and other touchpoints from our point of view, how do you communicate there?
"Life worlds" of your company - In which "areas of your corporate life" does digitization have any influences?
Benchmarking with selected competitors - How do others set up themselves?
Best Practices (if available) - How is it done?

Short presentation of the analysis results
Goal definition - Where should your digitization roadmap lead you?
Extended goal definition - Which goals are conceivable additionally?
How can the different "life worlds" of your company be changed to be right for the digital age?
What needs to be changed or re-implemented?
Which measurement criteria can be used to check the achievement of goals?

Documentation of the process
Target definition with measurement criteria
Recommendations regarding content and calls
First activity plan
possibly technical recommendations

Brand Workshop

Central question:
How is our brand defined? Clear, unambiguous and differentiating? Is our brand fit for the digital age?

Preliminary analysis:
Statements from internal brand definition and external corporate communication - How do you understand yourself? Are your brand promises digitally redeemable?
Interviews with brand managers, management and owners / shareholders - Who are you or what would you like to be in the future?
Analysis of the main competitors - How do the others present themselves?
Market Analysis - Where are the open spaces (blue oceans) in the market that you can occupy?
Analysis of the existing corporate design - What does your current design stand for?

Collection and presentation of findings from the preliminary analysis
Finding your personality, your "why" and beliefs and forming a "brand person" that represents your brand.
Development of a brand definition distilled from the collected information (brand pyramid)

Documentation of the process
Brand definition and
Recommendations for brand activation

Workshop "Reputation"

Central question:
How is your reputation and how and where are you discussed online?

Preliminary analysis:
Existing brand definition - Who are you?
Research for pages, forums, Usenet Groups, consumer portals, etc. that mention your business or products - Where do people talk about you?
Evaluation of the results by qualitative characteristics and content analysis of the statements - How many are talking about you and how?

Presentation of the analysis results
Goal Definition - What should your reputation be?
Misunderstandings and Gap Analysis - Where are / were you misunderstood and what do you need to do to move your reputation in the desired direction?
Topics and Action Plan for Reputation Management

Documentation of the process
Definition of the hoped-for reputation with measurement criteria
Recommendations regarding content and channels in which you must be active.

Important note: We refuse to influence your reputation by improper measures (postings under false identities, opinion manipulation, etc.), as this is not legitimate and not sustainable! There are honest and sustainable ways to work on your reputation - that can also result in that you simply have to get better in some things. That too is reputation management!

Communications workshop

Central question:
How do you activate your brand and how do you communicate in the various media and channels?

Preliminary analysis:
Existing brand definition - Who are you?
Current communication channels and messages - How do you communicate currently?
Context analysis (similar to stakeholder analysis) - With whom do you have to interact and what do those partners expect from you / your company?

Corporate communication becomes interaction management in the digital age - short keynote speech
Identification of the channels and media in which you must be active
Change of communication in order to interact with your stakeholders
Development of an activation matrix according to our method

Documentation of the process
Communication and interaction matrix with measures distributed across levels, channels and media
First approaches to messages and content