Our methodology

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Step 1 – Identity

The origin of our thinking and acting is the identity or personality, brand, definition, self-understanding – how ever you call it of a client. The object can be a company, a person, a location, a product or a service.

Important is the identity and that it is authentic, honest und differentiating towards others. If this identity is not defined clearly enough, we analyze what it consists of, which values, messages and properties it has and what makes its “personality”. It does not matter if you call that “brand definition”, “corporate identity”, “positioning”, “self-understanding” or how so ever, in the end its all about “who is talking?” about your properties as “personality”. The awareness about your personality is the basis for our further progress because only actions that fit to this personality support the product/ company/ person/ location/ service and are authentic and will survive the requirements of digital interaction. In this step, we use various tools and methods of brand definition and brand management. Your result is a unique, clear and differentiation definition of your corporate identity.

Step 2 – Context and interaction layers

We are always in contact with others in many different ways. For living the identity of a company is of utmost importance to know your surrounding and in what context you are with your surrounding. What do your customers expect from you, what do your partners, employees and neighbors see in you, how is the reputation of your company,/ product/ service/ location. What are the needs of your stakeholders and which of those needs and requirements are relevant for you and how can they be serviced by your offers?

Opposite to classic marketing and classic brand management we are acting on countless channels in the digital world and we are in touch with our surrounding on many different interaction-layers. For orientation and targeted planning we apply a 4-layer-interaction-model that origins from a management method of the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. We use this model for 15 years now in a very successful manner for our clients. The result of this step is a clear picture of what your surrounding expects from you on what channels and how you can react on those expectations and activate and empower your brand.

Step 3 – Realization and definite actions

In the third step of our approach we develop definite actions and tools for the future presence of your brand in the digital and of course analog world. From the first two steps we can develop targeted actions for different channels and media, that synergize with each other and support and enhance each other thanks to our overview that we got from above. We also recognize where companies do not need to be present and what actions do not fit to it and thus avoid unnecessary investments.

Thanks to our wide network of specialists for almost all relevant areas, we can plan single actions with concepts and you produce them with your existing partners or we take over realization turn-key ready with our partners. As soon as the actions are in productive use, we monitor and measure success. In our concepts, we set targets and now together with you, we watch how our actions perform. As we enter virgin soil almost ever, it is important to learn from the reactions of your target groups and develop continuously. Sometimes success comes quick, sometimes we need patience and in some cases, we will fail – the one who’s promising something different, is overestimating himself.

For us, the intense exchange and contact with you is important throughout the entire process – and an honest together. We believe in long term relations and not in quick wins.