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Digital Know-How

Very often we meet companies that are in a solid position and firmly placed in their markets. Their sales are based on personal relations and they do not promise anything to themseves from digital approaches and they are not active in digital media. And in fact, many companies are in such a position and do not have big needs to act.

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Brand Consulting

Brands or what we know as “corporate identity” or “corporate personality” play an important role in the digital world, because they are the senders of all messages. As there are no more language barriers, no geographical borders or protected industries and as companies of all regions and all sizes are directly listed below each other in the hit lists of search engines, it is essential that brands are well defined and provide a clear corporate identity.

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Communication in digital ages means much more, than creation and distribution of messages as in the old analog times. Today, we are confronted with a huge amount of digital channels and media, that all work according to their own rules. And, very important, there is a feedback channel in all digital media and the “formerly known as target group” users react on those social chanels and interact with your company.

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Websites are important digital touch points, where customers, employees and interested people get in touch with your company. We observe an increasing number of totally overloaded websites, that obviously have no distinct targets. Such websites are generating no results and still require a lot of work in maintainance.

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Reputation management

Reputation of companies is an important asset, which needs to be built carefully and on a long-term sight. Today, companies are discussed on many channels and there are many platforms that are not under control by companies, where ratings and opinions are published.




Search Engine Optimization – SEO of your website is essential for a good ranking of your company in hit lists of search engines. A website that can not be found is not a website! We are astonished and sometimes even horrified about the poor SEO quality of websites.

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