Search Engine Optimization – SEO of your website is essential for a good ranking of your company in hit lists of search engines. A website that can not be found is not a website! We are astonished and sometimes even horrified about the poor SEO quality of websites. For a good ranking, some technical preconditions have to be fulfilled and content has to be placed in the right way, but very often this is not the case!

SEO consists of two phases: First, we analyze your website and check technical and content parameters and after that, in an ongoing process, we look for your relevant keywords and search phrases and place them in your website, so that it will be found more often and ranks higher. This has to be done continuously because your competitors will be active too and there are many external influences on your ranking such as industry news, actions of your competitors, changes in algorythms of search engine operators, technical developments and many more.

We analyze your website for you and optimize it continuously. Only with very good SEO in place, SEM (search engine marketing) makes sense!