Reputation Management

Reputation of companies is an important asset, which needs to be built carefully and on a long-term sight. Today, companies are discussed on many channels and there are many platforms that are not under control by companies, where ratings and opinions are published.

Online reputation management is an indispensable part of corporate communications, because on digital media and especially social media platforms very high coverage can be gained and uncontrolled publication of opinions and ratings of customers, employees or competitors can cause high reputation damage.

We analyze the online reputation of your company and monitor continuously, what is written about you in the relevant platforms. By doing so, you can improve the reputation of your company or products yourself or with our help.

Potential employees and customers analyze precisely, how your reputation is and include this in their decisions. Especially in the HR markets a good reputation is relevant for attracting high-qualified staff.

Important remark: We will not influence your reputation by illegal activities such as postings with fake profiles or pure opinion making. There are legal and sustainable ways to improve your reputation – this may also mean that you have to improve in certain aspects! This too is reputation management!