Digital Transformation

Digital Everything is a business consulting for Digital Transformation and Digital Brand Management based in Munich, Germany and Cape Town, South Africa.

Our professional activities date back into the year 1989, when we started the first company. From the very beginning, we have been active in the areas of digital media, online and communications and have accompanied countless corporates in their digital transformation. Beyond them there have been known names such as the first extranet in Bavaria that is used for the billing process of the Bavarian dentists organisation since 1995, or the start of in the late 90ies, the 2004 awarded as best e-government offer of the Canton Zurich. All in all, we have carried out more than 100 big and small and always effective and in many cases outstanding digital projects.

Business managers have to face many different challenges during their entry into the digital world – their digital transformation. Today, communication always means interaction management and brings many new challenges and opportunities. We specialize in consulting and strategies for new and existing companies – especially mid-size and run by the owners, so they can act in the digital world and master their digital transformation.

It’s not about social media at all costs and it’s not about how they can be present on Twitter every second. What we do is figuring out how to bring your company into the digitally influenced future.

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