Brand Consulting

Brands or what we know as “corporate identity” or “corporate personality” play an important role in the digital world, because they are the senders of all messages. As there are no more language barriers, no geographical borders or protected industries and as companies of all regions and all sizes are directly listed below each other in the hit lists of search engines, it is essential that brands are well defined and provide a clear corporate identity.

Brand consulting goes far beyond design, it includes the entire enterprise and all its messages, its values and particularily its actions, products and services. In the digital world, providers and consumers are immediately in a 1 to 1 relation and brands need to be authentic, credible and sustainable in order to survive the direct interaction with their target groups.

Many conventionally defined brands burst in that interaction and even stock listed companies have such exaggerated brands, that they never can fulfill all their promises in all layers and on all touch points. Users have a very sensitive feeling if a brand “keeps its promises” and react with criticism and in some cases with shit storms on – as we call them – “brand bubbles”.

We define the personality of your company in such a way, that it can present itself in a credible and authentic way on all channels and layers and that its promises can be kept.