Brand Relaunch for Schmittwerke

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In just 6 months of intense work we developed a new umbrella brand “Schmittwerke” incl. naming, corporate design, website and brand architecture for the previous Schmitt Group and their member companies and product brands. The target of the project was to express the new spirit and the new identity of Schmittwerke. Three years after the succession of the current owners to their father it was the starting shot into their new future, accomplished by many other changes in the company. With the new name “Schmittwerke” and the claim “Precision works” we joined the long tradition of the company, its outstanding quality and the innovative power after the succession and we created a new home for the employees.

The project was performed together with the outstanding Daniel Perraudin (Design), the wonderful Quirin Leppert (Fotography) and the absolute precise Lars Harz (Web-development) – many thanks to you, to the management and owners of Schmittwerke and all others who contributed!

More at www.schmittwerke.com